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LETS get together!

All over Dorset, the UK and the world, people are GETTING THINGS DONE WITHOUT MONEY … they belong to their LOCAL EXCHANGE TRADING SYSTEM.

LETS is a simple bartering and skill swapping system. Dorchester and South Dorset LETS has been running since 1994 with members trading in Dorchester, Weymouth, Portland and surrounding villages.

We believe everyone has something to offer in their LETS community. Your skills or neighbourly help could be just what someone else would be glad of. For example: “use of washing machine; window cleaning; mending clothes; tie dyeing; hire of tent; home-grown veg; help with party planning and catering; extra help when you’re ill; computer advice ; dog walking ….” and much more!

We trade using our own local currency called ‘Marts’. You don’t have to earn before you spend, just make sure that your account balances out your debts and credits once a year or so. You also don’t have to trade one-to-one. You could bake a cake for one LETS member, then have your shelves put up by another LETS member, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Dorchester and South Dorset LETS has regular shared meals, trading sessions and social events. We love to welcome new members.  CLICK HERE  for information on joining.

Looking forward to meeting and trading with you ……