Trade without £s!

Dorchester and South Dorset LETS is a group established in 1994 to allow people to exchange services and items without using money.

It is still going strong, and members offer a huge range of services such as babysitting, mechanics, baking, hire of items, tuition – all sorts!

The accounting system uses a currency called Marts, after Martinstown, where it was first formed.

You don’t have to be in credit to trade, as the system relies on about half of members being in debit and half in credit.

We meet every month at a member’s home around the area, and our members come from a wide area of Dorset. At our gatherings we all bring food to share, and our suppers are LEGENDARY. We chat, bring items to trade (most members fill their wardrobes thanks to beautiful clothes from LETS!)

You can join through this page or contact membership secretary Miranda Robertson at or call 07460 205033. You can come along to one of our meet-ups and see if you would like to join.

This page is simply for information. We have an active Yahoo group and a Facebook group for members to trade. So why not join today? Once you’ve joined, just email Miranda and you will receive a directory of all the trades offered and our latest newsletter. You can start trading straight away, and will receive a 20 Marts joining present, too.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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