LET’S Start!

It’s easy to join Dorchester and South Dorset LETS. You can just fill in our short questionnaire here and pay your subs via Pay Pal below , and you’re in, and ready to start trading with other LETSies.

Existing members can also use these buttons to renew their membership each year.

Standard membership is £5 per family

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Reduced membership is £3 (and some Marts)

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Businesses pay a little more, £8

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Don’t forget to fill in our joining questionnaire.

If you’d like to  know a bit more, here’s some background:

Many people express difficulty knowing what they can OFFER and what they WANT from their LETS so you can download our Worksheet and Inspiration List to help you, as it is designed to get you thinking about what you can get from your local LETS.


Membership can be for Individuals, a Family or a Business.

There is currently an annual Individual/Family membership fee of £5.00 sterling per year (or £3 concessions + 2 Marts) to cover the costs of printed material and postage, plus events venue hiring etc or £8.00 for Businesses.

All members receive a quarterly Newsletter by email (or post if preferred) and a Directory of Members and Services.

All new members start their account with 20 marts credit as a gift from LETS to get you started Membership is due for renewal every year before April 1st but new members who join on or after October 1st DO NOT have to renew again the next April but the year after (so effectively get up to 6 months FREE membership!).

If you’re interested in joining, make sure you read our Members Agreement with A Guide to Using Your LETS which helps you understand and use LETS. You accept the Members Agreement when you join. In return for joining you get the latest local LETS Directory and the latest newsletter. You can immediately start trading.

If you have any questions call Miranda Robertson on 07460 205033.

How to Renew Existing Membership

New members who joined on or after October in any year DO NOT have to renew again until April1 two years later.

To renew, simply pay via PayPal above,

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